Daily Create: Day 30


Daily Create: Day 29

If animals were combined:

Best combination of two animals would be a gorilla and a cheetah because you would have the incredible strength and humane qualities of a gorilla and the incredible speed of a cheetah

Daily Create: Day 25

“Ice-cream Extravaganza! Sometimes the freezer section just doesn’t have what suits your craving. Create your own delicious concoction!”

Vanilla scoops (cause I only like vanilla ice cream) with gummy bears and gummy worms with sprinkles.  I don’t like any syrup or sauce or whatever on my ice cream so instead I’m just going with my favorite candy.  Maybe I’ll throw some Samoa Girl Scouts cookie crumbles on there too because those are the best cookie ever made!  Bon apetit!


I have been innovative both as a learner and a thinker this semester because this course put me in several situations where I was uncomfortable because of my lack of creativity!  This is a positive, however, because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me explore many new ways to enhance my learning and thinking.  As teachers, we are in the profession of non-stop learning, and learning does not begin and end with the students but also includes us teachers as well.  Even though we may believe we know most of what we need to know, there is always room for improvement and room for more and more learning.

I liked how George Couros finished his blog The Mindset of an Innovator: “I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask “what is best for learners”.  With this empathetic approach, I will create and design learning experiences with that question as a starting point.”  I think there are different and better ways for testing of a student’s understanding of a subject; a worksheet or essay may not always be the best formative assessment for students even though they are the simple and easy go-to choices.  This course taught me how to diversify the type of work my students do for me and all of the different types of digital sources I can derive work from.

One thing in specific that I unlearned this semester was that there are limited things you can do with an internet or digital source no matter what type of classroom you’re in.  As a math teacher, this course showed me just how vast the opportunities are on the internet for the student’s learning.  I always figured math is such a rigid subject that there is in turn a rigid set of “rules” or “guidelines” I must follow to allow my kids to learn the content they need to learn.  It’s quite on the contrary– there are great new resources this course introduced me to that will most certainly help me even in my future math classroom.

I also like this piece from Will Richardson’s blog The Unlearning Curve: “We need to unlearn the idea that we are the sole content experts in the classroom, because we can now connect our kids to people who know far more than we do about the material we’re teaching.”  Students have a lot more to teach us teachers than we think.